JustHost vs Bluehost Review [2020] – Comparison says it all..

If you are confused about switching between Bluehost and Justhost, then we can understand your pain. Being sister companies both the website offer similar services, features, and pricing structure but they do have some key differences that can be considered when choosing one of them.

Justhost gives a money back guarantee that can be availed irrespective of the time. It gives a competitive edge to the company as Bluehost only entertains a period of 30 days for reimbursing money of its clients. However, Bluehost enjoys a reputation for delivering speed, excellent customer support and reliability like none other.

The web is full of articles that compare web hosting websites, but most of them do not provide enough information for a reader to make a decision. We have tested both the services on various parameters to bring out a clear winner for today. Read the article till the end to know which web hosting service enjoys a competitive edge over the other. While reading the article, you might even find solutions to some of your web hosting issues.

#1 Dedicated hosting comparison

– Bluehost

The website is built on OpenStack technology and has four cores as a minimum while providing flexible and reliable dedicated hosting plans at reasonable prices. Bluehost has been praised by users for its shared hosting options as they have great hardware and management console. The product is managed in-house, and the company uses the latest technology to regulate its dedicated servers.

In a recent upgrade, CPUs became four cores, maximum RAM was increased to 16 GB, and RAID storage was expanded to 1 TB. The flexibility of the servers allows any users to upgrade the system at their will with a few mouse clicks.

Moreover, Bluehost can be trusted due to its 24/7 support team. Dedicated servers also enjoy a premium team of engineers for optimum results. A quick Google search will let you know the class of its support team. If one combines the merits of a helpful supporting unit and the value generated from reasonably priced plans, Bluehost becomes a tough contender to beat.

– Justhost

Dedicated offerings provided by Justhost involve modern hardware and numerous IP addresses. An enhanced version of cPanel is used to manage the servers which make the website a great option for any newbie website admin. On the other hand, people having experience in the industry are advised to choose a different web hosting provider.

Justhost also provides the famed instant provision which is hard to find in dedicated servers that save hours of configuration. The website also offers RAID 1 level data security and root access.

Finally, Justhost’s website is user-friendly, and its phone support and live chat system are more than excellent, but the uptime of 99.9 % can acknowledge as a black mark on its services.

#2 VPS hosting comparison

– Bluehost

Bluehost has been regarded as the premium manager of performance and VPS hosting prices. In comparison to other VPS providers, the company provides brilliant support and unbeatable uptime. If VPS hosting is your major concern, then Bluehost can be an excellent fit for you.

Virtual servers used by Bluehost provide numerous benefits like high-end speed as a user can choose four cores and a RAM of 16 GB.  It also provides enhanced security as it offers SiteLock protection and redundant storage to secure your data.  The company is also a great choice for novice users as it offers seamless adjustment between plans till one finds the best possible option. The 24/7 is again cherry on the cake.

The company is currently serving two million websites and is one of the three most recognized web hosting providers enlisted by the team of

– Justhost

In comparison to the processing power, a user will find that the VPS plans are quite pricey in Justhost. Their VPS hosting is backed by an extremely simple interface and phone support and live chat team that has been acclaimed for providing a quick response.

New users will be happy to have a cPanel control panel with a free domain. You will not face any difficulty when migrating to a larger server. It also becomes good for a newbie user as they are offered a modest amount of bandwidth and storage. A large number of IPs also comes handy in their bigger plans.

The anytime money back guarantee also a perk in using Justhost’s VPS services that allows a user to have a tour of all the plans offered by the company.

#3 WordPress hosting comparison

– Bluehost

Bluehost was the first web hosting service recognized by WordPress for its user base. The company is a perfect option for first-time users and personal bloggers and serves as a great alternative to shared hosting. Although these services can only be availed by premium plan holders yet optimization options and platform specific resources for WordPress are worth their cost.

WordPress hosting is based on a VPS platform which is acclaimed for its simplicity and sped even though a user has limited customizing options. It is easy to set up a WordPress website through Bluehost’s assistance majorly due to the ease to navigate and instant provisioning. Users are also entertained through ManageWP and MOJO Marketplace as well.

A user will not be compromising on technical features as it seems by the simple design of Bluehost. Every WordPress plan includes SiteLock securityW3 caching, and a standard CDN. The resources are guaranteed by the company, and the data backups are automated.

– Justhost

As of now, Justhost does not provide any support for WordPress hosting which is sad.

#4 Site builder comparison

– Bluehost

Bluehost can be considered as one of the easiest website creators in the industry. It offers the resistance free website builder, Weebly and the easy to use mobile site builder, goMobi. The effort required to develop a website from scratch becomes painless. Even though first-timers will face some issues, but the support team will likely end them immediately.

In order to create a complete looking and impressive website Bluehost provides numerous options like a free domainunlimited email hostingunlimited domain hosting and infinite bandwidthstorage, and databases. Also, being as cost-effective as it is, Bluehost becomes the number one choice for new website owners.

The web hosting platform also provides content management and blogging software like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress which can be downloaded in no time. The plans have even been re-designed to support WordPress which has been marketed by the website. Bluehost promises a quick and easy way to develop a website with reasonable prices.

– Justhost

Justhost provides a simple website building options in its shared hosting. The website features 400 templates that are not as smooth as a Weebly-based drag-and-drop system but have the capability to amuse even the choosiest users.

A user is also provided with a free domainunlimited file transfercPanelunlimited email accounts and eCommerce shopping carts. A business focused website will also be credited with an initial mount of 200 dollars for marketing purposes.

From the perspective of a first time user, Justhost is more intuitive than its competitors. The company will start building your website within minutes of your registration without delaying due to server configuration.

Most importantly, Justhost provides 24/7 customer support that has become better than ever.  It instills confidence in a user which eventually leads to the development of a noteworthy website.

#5 Price comparison

– Bluehost

It has become a synonym for affordable hosting which is coupled with its superior reliability and excellent shared hosting platform. The website offers unmatched customer support, excellent hardware configuration and numerous perks at a price lower than its competitors. In case a user is not satisfied with Bluehost’s services, he has 30 days to cancel the subscription.

– Justhost

Although Justhost is slightly costlier than Bluehost, the number of freebies provided by the website makes it worth every penny. Any user can avail great benefits from the basic plans and buy multiple year plans to extended discounts.

The standard plan provides 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and free domain registration. If you buy more expensive plans, you will get unlimited storage and email addresses. In the end, Justhost provides anytime money back guarantees which makes it a better option for people looking to minimize risk.

Conclusion – The winner is…

Bluehost has acquired legendary status due to its reliability and economic plans. Justhost is a great web hosting service, and you can even avail cheaper rates than Bluehost in specific cases. If your budget is strictly limited than Bluehost would be a better option, but if you want a long-term relationship with the comfort of canceling the deal at any point of time then Justhost gets the edge.

But as we had to come up with a winner, Bluehost beats Justhost by a little margin mainly due to its excellent value to price relation and dependability. It does not mean Justhost is a loser as it is designed to cater a niche of users that cannot be satisfied with any other web hosting service. We still recommend to try the websites yourself before making a concrete decision as personal preferences always count over logic and practicality.

So we have a winner here i.e Bluehost. Feel free to go for Bluehost as it is my personal best as well.

Justhost vs Bluehost Review – We have a winner..
  • Dedicated hosting comparison
  • VPS hosting comparison
  • WordPress hosting comparison
  • Site builder comparison
  • Price comparison



After comparing JustHost and Bluehost plans and features we have come up with a winner i.e Bluehost. It’s my personal best and I personally host my websites on Bluehost.

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